The Midas Touch

2 05 2009

Franke & Heidecke (although now technically bankrupt), have introduced their new 80th Anniversary gold-plated Rolleiflex TLR camera at the low, low price of 29,500 Euro. But what do you get for that chunk of change? Naturally, they use real gold (only 14k though?) and leather for this commemorative and limited edition; only 80 pieces will be made.

Just like a good infomercial…there’s more! You will also receive a photo book chronicling the camera’s journey. A lucky owner (of 3) will receive a custom wooden box in which to display them. And to top it off, you get specially-machined lens hoods and adapters. Quite a haul for almost 30,000 Euros, no? 😛

This got me thinking about all the other gold edition cams out there. Some say “Where did I leave my sport jacket with the sleeves rolled up?” such as the Pentax LX in gold and gator skin.

Gold Pentax LX

Others like the woodgrain Hassleblad whisper “I set money on fire just because I like the way it burns.”

Gold Hasselblad

In any case, these pieces are destined to land in a museum or private collections, never to have a roll put through them. Which is a shame…I’d love to have someone remind me that I left my now-short-sleeved jacket in their Testarossa 😉
Visit the site to become a gold edition owner yourself!