K-7 from any angle but below

19 05 2009

The new Pentax K-7 will be announced tomorrow at 7am, my time (Central). I don’t know how “new” a post tomorrow will be, since we’ve seen all the pics. I guess it will be specs-laden since we will know all in a few hours.

For now, I will let the pictures do (most of) the talking. Any questions/comments please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Enjoy! 😀

K-7 angle

In this shot, the arrow is pointing to the sensor plane marking. This makes it easy to measure plane-to-subject distance for macro photography, especially. The little hole near the on-board flash is what I believe to be the Microphone:
K-7 mic and plane

K-7 front flash

K-7 full front
(Source: PentaxForums )

AF Assist is said to be through the on-board flash. If an external flash is attached to the hotshoe, the flash AF beam will be used. Going out on a limb here…the pre-flash for AF Assist just might use the strobe itself. We shall see if they change that:
K-7 AF Assist menu
(Source: PentaxForums )

Doesn’t look bad in a man’s hands 😉
K-7 in hand
(Source: PentaxForums )

See you all tomorrow! 😀 😀


New K-7 “marketing” shot, specs, and side view

18 05 2009

Starting out this Monday with a couple updates.

We have a new “marketing” picture of the Pentax K-7 (I like to call them “beauty shots”…just look at the color of the SMC lens coating and the lighting used!). In this pic, we can see the SR (Shake Reduction) emblem on the left side. Also confirmed is the flash button, flash PC Sync port, and Raw button going down the right side of the camera. The lens mounted appears to be the SMC FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited. Why they didn’t choose a DA Limited or DA* as before, I don’t know.

K-7 FA77
(Source: PentaxForums.com )

The specs listed are:

New PRIME II image engine
Approximately 100% view finder coverage, pentaprism type
14.6MP (effective) CMOS sensor
3 inch LCD with 920k pixels with Live View, HD video, and HDMI output
Built-in SR image stabilization, water- and dust-proof magnesium alloy body, and supersonic dust removal system

Update: We now have a full-on side shot of the left side of the camera (as if you were holding it).

(Source: PentaxForums.com )

Next, we move to a close crop of the focus switch. No real surprises here. We have AutoFocus Single mode (AF.S), C which either stands for Continuous or maybe Contrast in movie mode. Most like just Continuous.

K-7 Focus
(Source: http://foto.ixbt.com/?id=photo:337860 )

We’re almost there! 😀

I’m ready for my closeup: Pentax K-7 Mode Dial and 4-way-controller

15 05 2009

Well…here they are!

The Mode Dial’s “locking pins'” function is still not 100% confirmed. Some say it locks Video Mode in when you’re using it and out when you’re not…requiring a push of the center button to move out of it or into it, respectively. Others say it requires a press to switch between all modes. We shall see in a few days 🙂 You can also see below it that the K-7 retains the metering mode dial of the K10/20D.

K-7 Mode Dial
(Source: PentaClub Russia )

Our mystical friend the 4-way-controller is shown once again with the weird “hexagon that doesn’t quite fit into its box” symbol. Jury is still out on that one. What’s more is that the OK button now shows arrows instead of them being on the buttons themselves. The point of this little diagram is still unknown.

K-7 Controller
(Source: PentaClub Russia )

Just a couple more days! 😀

Ask and ye shall receive

14 05 2009

Yesterday, I asked “What’s on the right arrow button of the Pentax K-7?” Cryptically, we have a close-up but no confirmation of its function. It’s rotated 60 degrees from the hexagon “focus confirm” in my K10D’s viewfinder display (the bottom and top lines of the hexagon sit parallel to the info LCD inside the camera…it sits “flat” if you will).

K-7 right arrow
(Source: PentaxForums )

Now it’s a game of…”What Is It”? 😉

It has been pretty much confirmed in my mind that the MIC port will be stereo, not mono as initially thought.

I have also received info on some new specifications from Peter Jonkman. Please see the thread here on MFL. My thoughts are in green, and I bet you never would have guessed which user I am 😉

Edit: Please leave a comment if you would like to join in the speculation! 🙂

So have you kept an eye on Yvon’s site?

13 05 2009

I admit…it’s been a couple days since I last visited 😮

What have I missed (or you, if you were slacking like me)?


… 1.0 times the image magnification factor of 95% field of view
Long exposure time can be set off … NR
Magnesium alloy exterior.
No new AF sensor …
… 5-frame continuous shooting 8 under frame
Incompatible new battery …
Focus … No Bracket
Released before mid-June at venues in Sendai …
Stock Videos

Not entirely new functions to other companies in addition to the above
It’s like pictures, or features like crying like a camera …
It’s a new feature available from Pentax.
To imitate others or not …
K10D is a strategic move that I hint ARURASHII hit from …
It’s the first surprise of this feature
I’m in the pattern is much improved sensor.

Confirmed, then: New battery, no bracketing, no new AF sensor (improved? Better be), magnesium (metal alloy) body, and 5 frames per second shooting…most likely the 8 frames refers to Raw. JPEG might be more…heck, maybe unlimited. Also the 1x magnification is confirmed, although the 100% viewfinder is not. We’ll have to make do with a 95% view through the camera. The sensor appears to be the same great Samsung found in the K20D/Samsung GX-20…so it should feature ~15 Mega Pixels but the high-ISO performance should be much improved (yay!).

And we’re left with the cryptic “soul” and “innovation” messages again. Not going to try to interpret them 😉

Yvon drops this on us: “It’s going to be a great DSLR. Other DSLRs will have to play catch-up. You will be proud to have a Pentax.” I know I’m excited to see! 😀

Speculations of your own are welcomed in the comments section, if you feel so inclined 😉

Via Yvon Bourque via PentaxPoke’s translation in the Mega Thread

Full Frontal: Pentax K-7 shown in its entirety (almost)

13 05 2009

Here we have some more (although still unofficial) pictures of the front and rear of the upcoming Pentax K-7 which were PhotoShopped onto German newscast screen shots and with the dates edited to 20 May 2009, the speculated announcement date by Pentax. I have PhotoShopped the pics with an upsize, crop, and Unsharp Mask to get rid of the unnecessary details not dealing with the camera itself.

First we come to a front view. Nothing really unexpected or new here. The dot to the right of the shutter button is assumed to be an external White Balance sensor. It just doesn’t look transparent enough to be an AF-assist lamp.

K-7 Front
(Source: DigitalFotoNetz.de )

Jump to the right side of the prism hump, and we see the flash release button at the top, the PC Sync socket for an external flash (covered) then what appears to be a Raw button (which allows a Raw+JPEG shot if using JPEG-only mode…or a JPEG to be added when using Raw-only. Most likely switchable between “use once” and “use until pressed again”). The bottom is most likely the AF-mode and manual focus switch.

From this view, we also see the “mode locking button” on top of the Mode Dial like some older Pentax film cameras so you can’t accidentally change modes. Look to the right of that, and we see the Microphone port (covered). Below that is probably the output section with HDMI-out and most likely a DC-in for plugging the camera in for studio use. There should also be a USB-out under that cover.

Notice the old SLR-style strap lugs. Loved by some, hated by others. We can clearly see the outline of the on-board flash and the outline in the body, supported by the button closest to it.

Now to the rear which is a little smaller and grainier and blurrier. We can confirm the upper left buttons as playback and delete (left to right) as previously posted. Also, we can see the AF selection switch with the AF button inside. The Green Button and Live View buttons are above and below, respectively. A rear remote sensor is next to the Green Button.

K-7 Rear
(Source: DigitialFotoNetz.de )

On the right side of the camera, is the memory card door. Below that…I don’t know.

Here comes some more speculation on the 4-way-controller and the buttons below it. Up is the self-timer. Left is White Balance. Down looks like flash. Right and middle…I can’t tell. I assume the middle is OK but it might serve another function. Below them appears to be “Info” and “Menu” left-to-right.

And there we have it, folks. No SR button, no Fn (Function) button, no bracketing button (unless it’s in the middle or right of the 4-way-controller…I’m thinking Right), but the Green Button stays along with the rest of the controls of the K10/20D. It’s now assumed that SR will be a menu selection like the K-m (K2000) and the 4-way-controller keys replace the Fn button. Probably not a touch screen but look at it! Lets hope it has at least QVGA or VGA resolution.

So there she is, ladies and gentlemen. The best, full pics of the upcoming Pentax K-7 with a dash. Can’t forget the dash 😉

Duh…how could I forget?

10 05 2009

Can’t believe I didn’t remember to post the pic of the Pentax K-7’s top LCD…

As you can see, if it’s real, it shows a 1/8000 second top shutter speed. It will probably show ISO permanently instead of images remaining on the memory card or ISO as with the K20D (K10D only shows ISO when pressing OK).

The f/1.0 aperture…I have a feeling they messed with the lens contacts or firmware to somehow make that show (and to get the 1/8000 speed: notice also the Exposure Compensation setting). I strongly doubt Pentax has any plans for an f/1 lens…ever…

K-7 top LCD

From this shot, you can also see the position of the AE-L (exposure lock) button. I like that place more than where it’s located on the K10/20 bodies. It will be an easy “thumb tip” press instead of shifting your thumb. Pentax ergonomics shine through, once more 🙂