A new journey begins, circa 1965

29 05 2009

Today I received an early 1960s Pentax SV SLR camera on “loan” from a PentaxForums member. This camera is traveling around the US and all you have to pay for is shipping to the next person in line (and for film naturally 😉 ). A flickr group has been created to showcase the pictures we make using this camera, and you can see it here: Sightseeing Screwmount

15. Home

I have it for about 2 weeks and some film will be delivered tomorrow. Then comes the fun of processing them and the “fun” of scanning and post processing.

Why will this be any different than using another manual film cam like my Pentax MX or Fujica ST801? To start with, there is no meter inside the camera. That’s right…none. So I will have to depend on either the “Sunny 16 Rule” or use a light meter or another camera’s light meter. Or just be lucky at guessing…who knows 😉

The SV comes with a well-used “well-loved” Super Takumar 55mm f/1.8 lens. Should also be fun to give that a spin on the K10D.

Since this is a screwmount camera, I can use my M42 extension tubes, Sears 55mm f/1.4 lens (just have to be sure it’ll clear the mirror), and Vivitar 28mm f/2.5 preset lens. A nice little kit with a 55 and 28, although the 28 is not small!

I made a little unboxing story using my other cameras, follow along in the set if you’d like 😀 Using one flash as most of my light is not ideal…and flickr needs to stop messing with my pics.

My favorite shot from that set:
7. Peeking

I hope you will enjoy this adventure as much as I will! 😀