Flagship ahoy! B&H has K-7

20 05 2009

They have it for preorder, arriving in July that is. As I write this (10:30am Central) it’s listed at $1299.95USD for the body only.

So consider this your head’s up…these specs are official. Anything you read on here from now on and any link I post will be official Pentax K-7 stuff, unless otherwise clearly stated.

Notice the new AF system in the specs…that is an AF lamp next to the shutter. By goodness…they made it happen. Good job Pentax!!!

There is simply an overload of info going on right now. For now, please visit Mike over at TOP and Mark at Chasing Light for some first impressions.

Before I post this…I want to say: ISO 100-3200 yesssssss!!! It’s “expandable” up to 6400 but has a native 3200! I hope it’s good at those numbers because I will surely use them. And my biggest gripe with the K10D is the loud shutter. The K-7 is silent! Wow, this is great news…these 2 pieces of info are just what I was waiting for πŸ™‚

Congrats Pentax…you have a winner on your hands. Can’t wait to have a K-7 in mine! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It’s a great day to be a Pentaxian!!




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