K-7 from any angle but below

19 05 2009

The new Pentax K-7 will be announced tomorrow at 7am, my time (Central). I don’t know how “new” a post tomorrow will be, since we’ve seen all the pics. I guess it will be specs-laden since we will know all in a few hours.

For now, I will let the pictures do (most of) the talking. Any questions/comments please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Enjoy! 😀

K-7 angle

In this shot, the arrow is pointing to the sensor plane marking. This makes it easy to measure plane-to-subject distance for macro photography, especially. The little hole near the on-board flash is what I believe to be the Microphone:
K-7 mic and plane

K-7 front flash

K-7 full front
(Source: PentaxForums )

AF Assist is said to be through the on-board flash. If an external flash is attached to the hotshoe, the flash AF beam will be used. Going out on a limb here…the pre-flash for AF Assist just might use the strobe itself. We shall see if they change that:
K-7 AF Assist menu
(Source: PentaxForums )

Doesn’t look bad in a man’s hands 😉
K-7 in hand
(Source: PentaxForums )

See you all tomorrow! 😀 😀




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