New K-7 “marketing” shot, specs, and side view

18 05 2009

Starting out this Monday with a couple updates.

We have a new “marketing” picture of the Pentax K-7 (I like to call them “beauty shots”…just look at the color of the SMC lens coating and the lighting used!). In this pic, we can see the SR (Shake Reduction) emblem on the left side. Also confirmed is the flash button, flash PC Sync port, and Raw button going down the right side of the camera. The lens mounted appears to be the SMC FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited. Why they didn’t choose a DA Limited or DA* as before, I don’t know.

K-7 FA77
(Source: )

The specs listed are:

New PRIME II image engine
Approximately 100% view finder coverage, pentaprism type
14.6MP (effective) CMOS sensor
3 inch LCD with 920k pixels with Live View, HD video, and HDMI output
Built-in SR image stabilization, water- and dust-proof magnesium alloy body, and supersonic dust removal system

Update: We now have a full-on side shot of the left side of the camera (as if you were holding it).

(Source: )

Next, we move to a close crop of the focus switch. No real surprises here. We have AutoFocus Single mode (AF.S), C which either stands for Continuous or maybe Contrast in movie mode. Most like just Continuous.

K-7 Focus
(Source: )

We’re almost there! šŸ˜€




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