So have you kept an eye on Yvon’s site?

13 05 2009

I admit…it’s been a couple days since I last visited 😮

What have I missed (or you, if you were slacking like me)?


… 1.0 times the image magnification factor of 95% field of view
Long exposure time can be set off … NR
Magnesium alloy exterior.
No new AF sensor …
… 5-frame continuous shooting 8 under frame
Incompatible new battery …
Focus … No Bracket
Released before mid-June at venues in Sendai …
Stock Videos

Not entirely new functions to other companies in addition to the above
It’s like pictures, or features like crying like a camera …
It’s a new feature available from Pentax.
To imitate others or not …
K10D is a strategic move that I hint ARURASHII hit from …
It’s the first surprise of this feature
I’m in the pattern is much improved sensor.

Confirmed, then: New battery, no bracketing, no new AF sensor (improved? Better be), magnesium (metal alloy) body, and 5 frames per second shooting…most likely the 8 frames refers to Raw. JPEG might be more…heck, maybe unlimited. Also the 1x magnification is confirmed, although the 100% viewfinder is not. We’ll have to make do with a 95% view through the camera. The sensor appears to be the same great Samsung found in the K20D/Samsung GX-20…so it should feature ~15 Mega Pixels but the high-ISO performance should be much improved (yay!).

And we’re left with the cryptic “soul” and “innovation” messages again. Not going to try to interpret them 😉

Yvon drops this on us: “It’s going to be a great DSLR. Other DSLRs will have to play catch-up. You will be proud to have a Pentax.” I know I’m excited to see! 😀

Speculations of your own are welcomed in the comments section, if you feel so inclined 😉

Via Yvon Bourque via PentaxPoke’s translation in the Mega Thread




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