Full Frontal: Pentax K-7 shown in its entirety (almost)

13 05 2009

Here we have some more (although still unofficial) pictures of the front and rear of the upcoming Pentax K-7 which were PhotoShopped onto German newscast screen shots and with the dates edited to 20 May 2009, the speculated announcement date by Pentax. I have PhotoShopped the pics with an upsize, crop, and Unsharp Mask to get rid of the unnecessary details not dealing with the camera itself.

First we come to a front view. Nothing really unexpected or new here. The dot to the right of the shutter button is assumed to be an external White Balance sensor. It just doesn’t look transparent enough to be an AF-assist lamp.

K-7 Front
(Source: DigitalFotoNetz.de )

Jump to the right side of the prism hump, and we see the flash release button at the top, the PC Sync socket for an external flash (covered) then what appears to be a Raw button (which allows a Raw+JPEG shot if using JPEG-only mode…or a JPEG to be added when using Raw-only. Most likely switchable between “use once” and “use until pressed again”). The bottom is most likely the AF-mode and manual focus switch.

From this view, we also see the “mode locking button” on top of the Mode Dial like some older Pentax film cameras so you can’t accidentally change modes. Look to the right of that, and we see the Microphone port (covered). Below that is probably the output section with HDMI-out and most likely a DC-in for plugging the camera in for studio use. There should also be a USB-out under that cover.

Notice the old SLR-style strap lugs. Loved by some, hated by others. We can clearly see the outline of the on-board flash and the outline in the body, supported by the button closest to it.

Now to the rear which is a little smaller and grainier and blurrier. We can confirm the upper left buttons as playback and delete (left to right) as previously posted. Also, we can see the AF selection switch with the AF button inside. The Green Button and Live View buttons are above and below, respectively. A rear remote sensor is next to the Green Button.

K-7 Rear
(Source: DigitialFotoNetz.de )

On the right side of the camera, is the memory card door. Below that…I don’t know.

Here comes some more speculation on the 4-way-controller and the buttons below it. Up is the self-timer. Left is White Balance. Down looks like flash. Right and middle…I can’t tell. I assume the middle is OK but it might serve another function. Below them appears to be “Info” and “Menu” left-to-right.

And there we have it, folks. No SR button, no Fn (Function) button, no bracketing button (unless it’s in the middle or right of the 4-way-controller…I’m thinking Right), but the Green Button stays along with the rest of the controls of the K10/20D. It’s now assumed that SR will be a menu selection like the K-m (K2000) and the 4-way-controller keys replace the Fn button. Probably not a touch screen but look at it! Lets hope it has at least QVGA or VGA resolution.

So there she is, ladies and gentlemen. The best, full pics of the upcoming Pentax K-7 with a dash. Can’t forget the dash 😉




2 responses

13 05 2009
Ivan Glisin

My guess: center keypad (OK) button: shake reduction; right keypad button: bracketing. That way all functions assigned to external controls on K10/20D would remain directly accessible. (The “Fn” button is missing, but with this design there is no need for it.)

14 05 2009

I would definitely agree with you on the Fn menu’s “re-assignments.” The entry I have just posted shows a new symbol but still uses a hexagon. What it represents, I don’t know…

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