Duh…how could I forget?

10 05 2009

Can’t believe I didn’t remember to post the pic of the Pentax K-7’s top LCD…

As you can see, if it’s real, it shows a 1/8000 second top shutter speed. It will probably show ISO permanently instead of images remaining on the memory card or ISO as with the K20D (K10D only shows ISO when pressing OK).

The f/1.0 aperture…I have a feeling they messed with the lens contacts or firmware to somehow make that show (and to get the 1/8000 speed: notice also the Exposure Compensation setting). I strongly doubt Pentax has any plans for an f/1 lens…ever…

K-7 top LCD

From this shot, you can also see the position of the AE-L (exposure lock) button. I like that place more than where it’s located on the K10/20 bodies. It will be an easy “thumb tip” press instead of shifting your thumb. Pentax ergonomics shine through, once more 🙂




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